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09-29-2020 G-Man's 3Gs - Gambling, Games, and Girls


Greek Zone hit with Patrick Mahomes and the Chiefs over the Ravens.

Today the Greek Zone is going with the favored Twins at -165.

Astros' Starter Zack Greinke has been struggling with a 5.73 ERA over his last 7 starts. Kenta Maeda finished the season with a WHIP of .75 to lead the majors and a 2.70 ERA.


Playoff Baseball!!!!

First off Astros v Twins 2:08 EST

then White Sox vs Oakland 3:08 EST

Followed by Toronto vs the Rays 5:07 EST

then ending with the best game of the day with the Yankees vs Cleveland 7:08

Today's IG Beauty is Franciele Medeiros. Hailing from Brazil, give her a follow @Franciele_Medeiros

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