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09-14-2020 G-Man's 3Gs - Gambling, Games, and Girls


Today the Greek will Take the Cardinals over the Brewers at +130 in game 1 of their doubleheader.

Cardinals have Kim on the mound today who has a .83 ERA over 21.2 innings this season a 0.83 ERA.


Brady and the Bucs had a rough start to the 2020 season. The Bucs lost to the Saints 34-23 in New Orleans. Brady started off well leading the Bucs on a first drive touchdown but was not his usual future Hall of Fame self. Brady has 2 interceptions and one returned for a touchdown. Plus the Bucs had a muffled kickoff which allowed the saints to put up an extra 3 points on top of a touchdown. His Old Pal Bill Belichick is 1-0 to start the Post-Brady Era in New England.

Brady and the Bucs will have a chance to redeem themselves next week with the Carolina Panthers.


Today's IG woman is Sara Jahan. Giver her a follow @Sara_jahan_Offical

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