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A Looks at Week 3 Match-Ups as Dolphins visit the Cowboys in Jerr's World

Dolphins have been outscored by 92 points in the first 2 weeks of the young NFL season. the Dolphins have looked more like a minor league team tan an NFL team most of the time. Cowboys are 2-0 facing sub-par competition in the Giants and the Redskins and the Dolphins probably wont be much of a issue for Jerry's squad. The Cowboys are favored by 21.5 points in most books in Las Vegas.

Here's the rest of the Week 3 match-ups

Thursday Night : Titans @ Jaguars


Bengals @ Bills

Dolphins @ Cowboys

Broncos @ Packers

Falcons @ Colts

Ravens @ Chiefs

Raiders @ Vikings

Jets @ Patriots

Lions @ Eagles

Panthers @ Cardinals

Giants @ Buccaneers

Texans @ Chargers

Steelers @ 49ers

Saints @ Seahawks

Rams @ Browns

Monday Night Football - Bears @ Redskins

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