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Facebook To Launch New Dating Feature

Facebook has decided to branch out into the dating world. I mean, why not, considering the powerhouse company already knows everything about everyone. 

The first look at the new dating feature came out on Twitter (ironic right?) and here's what it consists of. Facebook dating will take what it knows about you and match you up to other singles in the area. 

Facebook Dating

The app does promise not to match you with anyone you are already friends with so no chance in running into a dear old friend. The feature, which is built into the Facebook app, looks more like a mature dating app promising to bring real connections rather than just swiping left or right on someones picture like on Tinder. 

Facebook promises not to share your pickup lines in your news feed to limit the amount of embarrassment internet dating can bring. Facebook also shared that they will be setting a limit on how many messages you can send so you can't just harass every single person that pops up as a match.  

For more on what this new feature will consist of and how it will look, head on over to this NY Post article talking about the launch!

Source: NY Post

Photo: Getty Images

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