Tua's "Greatness" Remains a Mystery at Dolphin's Camp

Not even a day after Dan Marino said "I believe in Tua", Tua stinks the joint up at Dolphin's Mini Camp

After a inconsistent year in 2020, even admitting he didn't know the playbook, Tua seems to be on track for a disappointing year thus far. 5 interceptions at the open of mini camp but played better day 2.After 9 games in 2020 it was clear Tua wasn't up the level of the Borrows or Herberts.

Dolphin fans seem to be split on Tua. Some believe he will be worth the 5th overall pick, while other fans are ready to move on from him already. It's probably too early to be sure on either side but looking at the Dolphin's track record it isn't far-fetched to be skeptical in Dolphin Management's decision making.

the 2021 season will give the Dolphins a clear picture of whether Tua is the Man or isn't.

Photo Credit to Getty Images

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