Gambler Bets Thousands Of Dollars That Dolphins Will Lose All Games

Miami Dolphins

An unidentified gambler bet thousands of dollars that the Miami Dolphins would lose all their games. If he's right, he could win BIG!

According to reports, the gambler put down $3,400 last week at 30-1 odds for the Dolphins to go 0-16 in the regular season.

DraftKings Sportsbook said the gambler could win big if the Dolphins do lose: $102,000 to be exact after the New England Patriots crushed the Dolphins 43-0 on Sunday. So far this season, Miami has scored a mere 10 points, while giving up a total of 102 to New England and Baltimore.

Next up for the Dolphins is their game against the Cowboys this Sunday at 1:00 pm. What do you think? Will this gambler win big this season?

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Source: CBS 12, NY Post

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