Most Valuable NFL Franchises Ranked By Forbes

NFL Franchises


Forbes has ranked the NFL teams based on their value... and you'll never guess who came in at the top of the list!

ONCE AGAIN, the Dallas Cowboys are the Kings of the NFL. According to Forbes, "America's Team" is the NFL's most valuable franchise worth $5.5 billion dollars. Despite The Cowboys not making the Super Bowl since 1996, the team has been at the top of Forbes' list for 13 years!

Here's the top five most valuable franchises in 2019:

  1. Dallas Cowboys: $5.5 billion
  2. New England Patriots: $4.1 billion
  3. New York Giants: $3.9 billion
  4. Los Angeles Rams: $3.8 billion
  5. San Francisco 49ers: $3.3 billion

The Miami Dolphins are a top 20 team. The team is ranked No. 16 on the list with a franchise value of $2.76 billion.

The Buffalo Bills are at the bottom of the list of 32 teams, worth $1.9 billion.

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Source: CBS 12

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