Smash Rooms Opening In Tampa And Lakeland

Smash Rooms have recently opened in both Lakeland and Tampa! Exactly what it sounds like, Smash Room is a place where you can hammer, throw, kick, and basically destroy anything to get your anger out. The business is supposed to be a place where you can constructively channel your aggression without scaring your family or breaking anything valuable. 

The owner and operator of Smash Rooms in Florida shared with Tampa Bay Times why she decided to open one down here. 

"I have three kids and I have a husband, that’s what got me into this. One day I got so mad, I said I’d like to throw something. I thought, if I feel this way, maybe there are a lot of other women, and men too, who feel this way." -Tisha Stromier

A 20-minute session is currently $30 and for $60 2 people can spend 30-minutes smashing a box of miscellaneous items. Tisha gathers a lot of her smash-able items from those donating their old junk, overstocked thrift stores, and occasionally by purchasing. She also promises to do her best to find any item you could ever dream about smashing (ex. a dishwasher if you're into that), but will charge you a little extra in order to dispose of it after. 

So if you're desperately in need of demolishing something, but don't want to frighten the kids, head on over to a Smash Room! 

Source: Tampa Bay Times

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