Chance Of Lebron James Returning To The Heat

Lebron James reuniting with the Heat could be closer than we think! Yes, you heard that right. The Miami Heat actually have a chance of signing this star player back to their team. 

Lebron James has until 11:59 pm this Friday to accept his contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers for next season. The Cavs have offered James $35.6 million to stay on with them. If he choses to opt-out of the agreement, then by Sunday he is an unrestricted free agent. 

ESPN shared that although the Cavaliers or the Lakers are the two most likely teams to sign James, there is an "outside chance" he will choose the Heat once free.

The only trouble Miami faces with bringing James home is they are already capped out and a few million dollars away from their luxury tax threshold. In order for the Heat to sign Lebron James, as well as keep Wayne Ellington, Udonis Haslem, and Dwyane Wade, they would need to clear up an additional $53 million dollars. 

Not to say it's not impossible... It could still be done. 

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