Naked Photos and Videos Posted To NY Giants, Avery Moss, Twitter Account

Man, we feel for you, Avery Moss! The New York Giants outside linebacker had an internet nightmare on his hands when 4 of his accounts were hacked the other day. Moss had his Twitter, Instagram, E-Mail, and Venmo account all compromised within a few days of each other!

But this wasn't even the worst part of the whole matter! When Moss' Twitter was hacked, naked photos and videos of him were also released and posted to his account. NFL Security did get involved and had all the explicit content removed within 30 minutes. 

ESPN shared this comment on the situation as it was happening:

Naked pictures of Moss first appeared on his Twitter timeline Monday afternoon not long after the Giants finished an OTA practice. The hijackers blocked all the accounts Moss had followed, likely in an attempt to slow their reaction time to the attack. More videos and pictures followed before they were removed within approximately 30 minutes.

The good news is the incident was taken care of, the bad news is 30 minutes is a very long time for content like that to be out on the web, who knows where it could have gone? It seems to be that NFL Security could have a "Giant" problem on their hands.

Source: CBS Sports/ESPN

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