NASA Shoots Human Sperm Into Space

The question we're all wondering, right? Can humans reproduce in space?

The US space agency is hoping to answer that question by researching how actual human sperm cells react to micro-gravity. 

Companies including NASA have sent multiple bizarre items into space including pizza and the very recent Tesla which are now orbiting our planet. But this latest launch takes the cake! NASA is now sending frozen samples of human sperm to space. 

NASA shoots sperm into space.

This is being used as a test. Scientists are worried that if human reproduction doesn't work in space, humanity will have to take special measures to survive or things aren't looking too well for long-term. It's being said that in microgravity, the sperm fertalizes quicker than normal, but everything that happens post fertilization takes much longer if it happens at all. 

Scientists are also worried that because humans weigh one third of what they do on earth in space that it will cause problems for childhood growth and development. 

There's no word yet on how long this experiment will take and when NASA will find the results they're looking for, but maybe soon we'll have our first ever space babies!

For the full story on this crazy experiment, click here

Long live the sperm! 

Source: DW

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