21-Year Old Calls 911 After Losing All Her Money In Casino

What is wrong with people? A 21-Year Old who blew all her money gambling in a casino decided to call 911 for help because she had no way of getting home!

This happened in Ontario, Canada at the Shoreline Casino Thousand Island around 5:00 am this past Saturday morning. 

Provincial Police in Leeds and the Thousand Islands Township said that following the original call for help, the woman then called them a second time to say someone gave her $20 and she no longer needed their help getting home. Police officers did arrive on site and check with the casino to confirm that the woman actually was safe and did not need their help. The police also said that they frequently have to respond to calls similar to this for non-emergency situations.

So let this be a lesson to all! (Actually 2 lessons). 

1. Don't blow all your money at the casino! 

2. 911 is to only be used in emergencies! (Jeez, I thought even children knew this!)

Source: Reddit

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