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NFL Player Accused Of Killing Child After Forcing Her To Work Out

Former NFL and Notre Dame football player, Cierre Wood, is facing a murder charge after being accused of killing his girlfriend's daughter. The 5-year old girl, La'Rayah Davis, died of multiple blunt force injuries believed to be obtained during at home exercise the football player made her do as punishment.

According to Cierre Wood, he was "trying to get her on the right path due to her being chunky". Wood would force the little girl to run sprints in the apartment, do sit-ups, and wall squats.

The 5-year old's mother, Amy Taylor, is also facing charges of child abuse and neglect and may be charged with murder as well. Police say, the mother once sat on the child's chest and stomach as a form of punishment.

La'Ray Davis' autopsy revealed the girl's skull had multiple contusions. She also had multiple rib fractures, as well as bruising on her torso, legs, and abdomen.

A memorial was held for Davis at a local park where dozens brought stuffed unicorns and candles in the shape of a heart to remember her.

Her father spoke to authorities saying,

"She had so many people that she touched and she's only 5. Her not to be alive and how much life she had. That's the tragic thing about it, she can't be there no more. I can't call her no more. Never thought I'd bury my child at 5 years old."

Her father now wants justice for his pride and joy.

"I really wish I could just talk to her again. I'm sorry that I didn't listen".

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Sources: ABC 4 News, News 3 Las Vegas

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