76ers General Manager Resigned After Twitter Scandal

Philadelphia is burn(er)ing! President of Basketball Operations, Bryan Colangelo, has left the team after a series of Twitter burner accounts leaking sensitive team information and insults toward the team surfaced.

The burner accounts are still under investigation, but are proven to be from Colangelo's wife. The culprit has been using numerous Twitter accounts to express their issues with the team including slamming all star center, Embiid, and numerous other players.

"Embiid was described as “a bit lazy,” “selfish,” and “acting like a tool,” and accused of partying too much."

However, the accounts went one step further and leaked confidential team information regarding players medical history and organizational secrets. Although Colangelo denied having any part of it, the team felt that the damage had already been done. 

In a statement from the 76ers, they shared 

“It has become clear Bryan’s relationship with our team and his ability to lead the 76ers moving forward has been compromised. We find this situation to be disappointing for our entire organization.”

The 76ers are now looking for their third General Manager in less than three years. For the time being, head coach, Brett Brown, will stand in for basketball operations. 

Source: Sports Illustrated, SB Nation, New York Post

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