Snoop Dogg Breaks World Record For Largest Cocktail

Snoop Dogg spent his holiday weekend breaking a world record! Snoop made the world's largest gin and juice drink. The drink consisted of 38 jugs of orange juice, 154 bottles of brandy, and 180 bottles of gin! The drink weighed in at more than 132 gallons! 

Snoop Dogg put together this cocktail at the BottleRock Napa Valley Music Festival. It's a good thing he put it together at such a big festival because it will take quite a few people to finish off this bad boy. 

That drink is a monster! But as you can see Snoop is very proud of it mixing it up with a ginormous straw and pink umbrella. 

Yesterday morning, Guinness named it an official world record! How about that? What can I do to make it in the record books? 

Source: USA Today

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