Red Sox Pitcher Dislocates Shoulder During Tantrum

It's the start of the season and the Boston Red Sox have already had two players out due to preventative injuries. A few weeks back, pitcher David Price had to sit out a game due to a case of carpal tunnel syndrome, allegedly from playing too much Fortnite. Now we have this story regarding relief pitcher, Carson Smith. 

Red Sox Player Misses Game Against Yankees Due To Fortnite Addiction - Thumbnail Image

Red Sox Player Misses Game Against Yankees Due To Fortnite Addiction

Carson Smith dislocated his pitching shoulder after throwing his glove down in the dugout as a sign of frustration. Smith had given up a home run to Oakland causing the Sox's to lose the game 6-5. Smith's tantrum, as it is being called, has resulted in what could be a major injury and has him on the 10-day disabled list.  

Boston's manager, Alex Cora, shared this statement with press regarding the incident.

"It's a freak accident. Let's be honest, he's not the first guy who slams their glove or throws their bat or punches himself, but it is what it is. We have to move on. That's why we're here. We've got some capable guys down at Triple-A. Is it a perfect situation? Of course not. He was throwing the ball well. He was becoming a guy that we thought he was." -Alex Cora

Smith shares that he believes fatigue played a factor in his shoulder injury. He shares that he normally throws his glove down everyday as part of his warm up routine. 

"I think it [was] a freak accident. Think my shoulder's tired in general.... I've thrown a lot lately and I think my arm was just tired." -Carson Smith

There is no word on when Smith will be able to return to the game. As of right now, he is waiting to let it calm down and then will be getting a second opinion. Surgery could potentially be in the works depending on the severity. If surgery is needed, that will require an even longer leave for the player. Carson Smith may not return to pitch in 2018. 


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