Red Sox Player Misses Game Against Yankees Due To Fortnite Addiction

If you are even remotely interested in video games then you have heard of the addictive game, Fortnite. Fortnite is very similar to baseball as in it is a big game, big business, and free to play! But could Fortnite be having a negative impact on baseball? 

Major League Baseball players are addicted to Fortnite because of all the downtime they have between games. The game is mobile-based so they can take it anywhere and it helps them unwind. 

However, the game may have caused it's first casualty in professional baseball. The Boston Red Sox had a game against their biggest rival the New York Yankees last Wednesday and their pitcher, David Price, had to sit out the game due to a case of carpal tunnel syndrome from PLAYING FORTNITE! 

David Price is a lucky it was just a mild case of carpal tunnel, but he said just to be safe he is hanging up his controller for a while. 

Fortnite is not only affecting the Boston Red Sox though, the Milwaukee Brewers shared this funny post on Instagram a few days ago about the game as well. 

I guess we'll just have to wait and see how the rest of the season plays out with the new addicting game impacting baseball. 


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