Kobe Bryant Wins Emmy, Previously Won Oscar

This NBA Legend just can't help but succeed at everything he does! Not only is Kobe Bryant a 5-time NBA champion, but now he's taking home Emmy Awards and Oscars.

Kobe Bryant's short film, "Dear Basketball", took home a Sports Emmy Award last night for Outstanding Post-Produced Graphic Design. Prior to this, the same short film also won an Oscar for Best Animated Short film at the Academy Awards. Kobe Bryant was a winner on the court and now he's taking on Hollywood. In addition to his short film, Bryant has a new show on ESPN+ which consists of him analyzing NBA Game Film. Bryant shares that him analyzing film is how he used to win a game in the playoffs. He knows exactly why things happen such as why someone wasn't fast enough or didn't pass the ball, etc. Bryant used to play game 1, go home and watch game 1, and study that for game 2. He went passed the superficial level of the game and instead studied every segment. 

Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on the two prestigious Hollywood awards!

If you haven't seen his short film, you can watch it below, right here on 1230 The Zone.

"As basketball players, we're really supposed to shut up and dribble, I'm glad we do a little bit more than that. I feel better than winning a championship... It's crazy" 

-Kobe Bryant

Source: USA Today

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