Florida Is Last Among States For UFO Sightings

It's so hard to believe in such an odd state like Florida that we wouldn't have the highest UFO sightings around the country! This is the hot spot for creatures of all shapes and sizes to come for a visit or move to every day. However, in a new survey released, Florida came up DEAD LAST amongst states for UFO sightings. 

A new study done by Casino.org tallied the number of reported sightings over the last 78 years and found that the odds of finding a UFO in Florida are 348,500-to-1. Wyoming came in at number one with the odds of spying one at 20,500-to-1. 

There have only been a little over 6,000 sightings in the state of Florida over the last century. This is surprisingly a low number especially considering we sell alien abduction insurance! The Alien Abduction & Casualty Insurance Company is based in Altamonte Springs, FL and has been selling abduction insurance since 1987! This just makes the fact that we can't spot UFO's even crazier! 

Perhaps, it's because we are so used to bizarre incidents happening on land around here that we fail to look up in the sky. Or maybe it's just that space visitors blend in better here with fantasy parks like Disney World and Universal so close by. Either way, let's go Floridians! This is an area where we should excel! Start looking up more often and report those UFO sightings!

For the full survey on UFO sightings across the country, head on over to this website here!

Source: Palm Beach Post

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