Man Arrested For Stealing Beer Truck, Leading Police On Highway Chase

The weekend did not get off to a good start for this half-naked man who stole a Coors Light truck in Santa Rosa, California. The truck driver was making a delivery when the 46-year old male, dressed only in a pair of American Flag board shorts, hopped in his truck and drove off. 

Thanks to a GPS system installed in the truck, the Santa Rosa Police Department was able to track down the vehicle within minutes. A K-9 unit and helicopter unit from the sheriff's office were dispatched and along with multiple other officers, chased the stolen vehicle down Highway 101. 

Shortly after, the suspect apparently abandoned the truck and started on foot running across the busy highway and jumping the divider before fleeing in to the brush "his star-spangled shorts still waving" -New York Post

Unfortunately, the car jacking did not work out in the man's favor and police caught him hiding along the side of the road. 

Check out this video of him high tailing it across the major highway though! Looks like a scene straight out of Grand Theft Auto! 

The "beer bandit" as he is being called was charged with suspicion of vehicle theft, possession of stolen property, priors for auto theft, resisting arrest, and violation of his probation. 

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