Woman Shows Up At Fire Station Seeking Help With Her Stoned Raccoon

Firefighters in Indianapolis had to deal with a rather interesting plea for help the other day. A woman showed up at their door with her pet raccoon who was in real bad trouble! 

The owners were afraid their beloved raccoon was going to overdose after getting into their stash of drugs. The raccoon was definitely high and very lethargic. The owners thought someone at the fire station could help save his life!

However, quite the opposite happened, the Captain was just as puzzled as the owners with what to do to help the animal. Even more so, he was trying to wrap his head around the fact that not only was their pet high, but that they had a pet raccoon in the first place! 

The confused, but very funny record of the radio chatter between the Fire Department, the Police Department, and dispatch can be heard below. 

It was hard to determine what the raccoon had actually overdosed on. Misconceptions went around that it was weed, then meth, then heroin. In the end, the owners ended up just taking their beloved pet home to sleep off his high. 

The fire department is just hoping the little guy pulled through! 

Source: ABC Rtv6

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