Police Shut Down Rave in Abandoned Toys R Us

London Police tweeted out this post after disrupting an unlicensed music event aka a RAVE happening in an abandoned Toys R Us! 

Police seized the sound system and made five arrests after shutting down the party. They then tweeted out a message warning other ravers about the arrests and that all incoming attendees and ticket holders would be turned away. 

We find it funny that those throwing the Rave chose to have it in an old Toys R Us. Our thoughts are there motto was "I don't want to grow up, not because I'm a Toys R Us kid, but because then I'll be charged as an adult." That's no fun! 

Do you have any great memories from going to Toys R Us as a kid or with your kids? Hopefully, they're better than the memory those arrested now have! 

Source: Huffington Post

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