Woman Awaiting Heart Transplant Finally Meets Patriots' Gronk

27-year old, Lauren Meizo, has been at a Massachusetts' hospital for nearly three months awaiting a SECOND heart and kidney transplant. 

Back in March, Lauren posted a video to YouTube sharing her struggle and all that she's been going through and ended with her one wish "to meet New England Patriots tight end, Rob Grownkowski".

While supporting her team in an NFL official New England Patriot's t-shirt, Lauren shares:

"I'm making this video because this is my second heart transplant in five years, along with a kidney this time [too]. I had so much fun the first time, I guess I wanted up the ante... ". 

She said she would love if Gronkowski were to be the one to come to the hospital and let her know when it's time to receive one of her organs. 

"If that's too much pressure, I understand. But I will allow for you to have a meet and greet with me anytime you want becuase I got nothing but time right now."

Well the post went viral! and yesterday (Monday, April 2nd), Gronk made her wish come true and visited her at the hospital! 

The post now has over 1k shares and a GoFundMe account has been started in Lauren's name to help with the cost of her medical expenses. This should just prove that yes, there is still good left in football AND in New England. 

Source: Palm Beach Post

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