Fort Lauderdale Man Paddles Out To Sea To Avoid Paying Child Support?

Have you ever thought about running away from your problems? For this man in Fort Lauderdale, he didn't run away, but rather paddled away from his problems. 

Constantine owed $549,000 in child support and was expected to appear in court to solve the matter. However, instead of going to court, he grabbed his blue paddle board and headed out into the Atlantic Ocean.

The mystery continues to grow as officials try to determine whether this was an escape tactic or if he drowned out there. There are a couple of odd factors to this whole mystery that are leading people to believe he fled. 

1. His paddle board has not turned up as it typically would in the case of an accident.

2. His wallet, driver's license, passport, keys, and phone were all left at home.

His brother spoke out sharing his thoughts on the matter 

"Right now, I'm like 50-50, either he fled or he's out there drowned. I don't know...He's very capable on the paddle board so it seems fishy to me".

His friends and family are asking for him to come home should he have ran away. They are willing to help him solve this matter with the owed child support. We are eager to see what happens as this mystery further unfolds. 

Source: Miami Herald

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